The Left Is Still Right

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We at Global Warming Your Cold Heart attended—as a crew, a team, a gang, a mass, a tumor—a talk and discussion with Tariq Ali, the editor of New Left Review, at 16 Beaver Group (located at 16 Beaver Street in lower Manhattan), a reading and discussion group. The occasion for this talk is the publication of Ali’s book Pirates of the Caribbean: Axis of Hope. Ali stated at the beginning of his talk that he wrote this book to call our attention to some positive events taking place in Latin America, events that the current crises in the Middle East, and the Islamist resistance to Western Imperialism, the Washington Consensus, or simply, Empire have distracted us from.

Tino Sehgal Versus a World Full of Objects

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At his talk at the Guggenheim Museum last night, the artist Tino Sehgal did not say much that was all that different from the interview and article last year in Artforum, but he did clarify his position and give it more depth. The major point I got from his talk was that his art takes place on the macro level of institution and medium more than on the micro level of an individual work. He referred to this as his “set up” at one point and said that the subject of any particular piece was secondary to it.



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